Friday, January 28, 2011


Jay Alvin decided today that he was ready to walk. Up until now he has refused to even try. As soon as you let go of his hands, or if he even thinks you might be about to let go, he'll drop to the ground. So this evening I set him down expecting him to sink to the floor, but instead he took a step so he could reach the cabinet. Then, the took four or five steps. Then we took this:
He had already taken a few steps and when we turned the camera on he froze.
*P.S. This morning we tried to get him to do it again and he absolutely refused. As soon as we let go he dropped to the floor. I guess he needs to be really tired so he doesn't remember that he's afraid.

And while we were looking at video clips we found this little gem:
Yeah, he just ate half a banana in 3 bites and he didn't even choke on it.
That's my boy. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Catch-up

Let me just start by saying that I really didn't take very many pictures while we were in AZ. We did a TON of things that aren't going to make it into this post, but this is the least stressful way for me to get this done, so there.

*Jay Alvin was in love with the memory foam mattress we slept on. He slept so well the entire time we were gone, and I couldn't get enough of that little bum sticking up in the air.

*I only took two pictures of Christmas morning. The boys were too excited to hold still. This one is (obviously) Leo with his Buzz Lightyear. He got way too many toys but still insisted on taking all of Jay Alvin's toys too.

*And here's Jay playing with some of his cars. That's mostly what he got (since Leo is so stingy about sharing).

*Jay Alvin had a dirty diaper while he was over at his great-grandma's house. Rather than bring him back for a diaper change, Grandma Reber just borrowed one of great-grandma's.

*It was hilarious and ridiculous. When he first came back over the diaper was neatly tucked into his onesie. It didn't take him long to bust out of it though.

*Jay loved trying to steal Grandpa Wheeler's pen and/or glasses.

*Lots of treats were consumed. 
(And Jay is not wearing a shirt under his sweater vest because he pooped on it, not because I was trying to make a fashion statement.)

*I feel like this picture sums up our trip. It went by in a blur. We just went from one fun thing to the next and, before we knew it, it was over. We miss you, AZ!

*This might be my favorite picture of Leo ever.
Even though it's totally blurry.

*We spent a lot of time just hanging out and, despite the less-than-thrilled look on Leo's face, we really enjoyed it.

*And this is my favorite picture of Jay Alvin. He looks like some kind of crime boss.

*Believe it or not, all that mess was caused by a single Oreo. 

*And to finish up, another of my favorites. My dad found this Jeep that someone was just throwing away so he snatched it up. The only problem was that it didn't work any more and was ridiculously hard to push. You can see that he figured out a way to solve that problem. Leo is still talking about it.