Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We decided to make cupcakes in honor of Halloween.
(Really we were just trying to waste time until we could get dressed up.)

Leo's favorite part of making anything is licking the spoon.
(Or in this case, the fork.)

Jay didn't want anything to do with the licking.
He did, however, think he should help me fill the cups with batter.
(Bad idea, Jay. Bad idea.)

He was pretty sure he could figure out a way to get the "candies" open.
(He couldn't.)

I frosted and the boys added the sprinkles.
Leo is decorating this one for himself.

I wasn't sure if he'd gotten enough sprinkles, but he seemed satisfied with it.

Jay was more interested in eating than in decorating.
(After I took away his 4th freshly sprinkled cupcake he about lost it.)

Sneaking more sprinkles.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is it just me, or has October been the longest month ever?
Seriously, I love Halloween, but I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over with so we can get to November already! 
This may have partly been caused by the fact that I bought my Halloween costume in July.
Or maybe it's because we started putting up Halloween decorations the last week of September.
Or, most likely, because I'm going to be in AZ for most of November and December and I can hardly wait to get there.
Whatever the reason, Happy End of October everyone!


We got Leo and Jay glider bikes back in July.
They were not all that thrilled with them and generally refused to ride them.
And then about a month ago they decided they were the coolest things ever.
And now they ride them everywhere, every day.

Hooray for money well spent!
And if you're bored you can even watch them in action.
(Jay gets distracted by the camera, so it's a little shaky for a minute.)


I hate making New Years Resolutions.
I think it's a waste of time. 
(I know, that's blasphemous. But I don't care.)
I'm just not very goal-oriented.
Generally if there's something I need to do, then I just do it.
It doesn't really help me all that much to write it down and plot it out and share it with other people in order to motivate me to do it.
That being said, I make New Years Resolutions any way.
Every year.
And then at the end of the year I go back and say, "Oh yeah. Forgot about that."
So this year (2012) I decided to do something different.
I only made 2 resolutions that would take me all year to accomplish.
Then each month I decided to make a separate, small resolution that would get all of my attention for that specific month.
This quilt:
 Was my monthly resolution.
For January.
And I just finished it today.
That's right,
my January resolution took me 10 months to complete.
(If you must know I did take a short, 7 1/2 month, break from working on it.)
And I subsequently failed to make any other monthly resolutions.
Because I'm awesome like that.