Monday, November 24, 2008

Yesterday evening Leo was so cranky, so I started throwing him up in the air and he loved it! He has never laughed so hard before. It was hilarious. Then, all of a sudden, I threw him up in the air and he barfed. And not just a little bit. He barfed so hard it came out of his nose. I felt so bad and he just sat there looking at me like, "What was that?" It was funny.
Speaking of funny . . . Leo and I ran to the mall to exchange something today. They already had Santa there for pictures. As we walked by there was this terrified little girl screaming and clinging to her mother as three adults tried to pry her off and force her to sit on Santa's lap. Why do people do that to their kids? I mean, if they want to see Santa then take them. But why do they want to pay $30 to have horrible pictures of their hysterical kids sitting on the lap of a man who, let's be honest, isn't even really Santa? I don't get it. 
Any how, Leo has picked up two new skills; spitting and kicking his socks off. He thinks both are equally hilarious and alternates between them all day long. Oh the joys of being a little boy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So the weather here has been absolutely perfect this past week or so. It's been between 60 and 70 degrees and full of sunshine. Leo and I have been taking advantage and soaking up all the sun we can with some long, rambling walks. I swear we've been past every house in a half mile radius of our house. Leo loves to be outside so we're not looking forward to being stuck inside once the snow comes.
Speaking of which, we decided to head down to AZ for an extended stay to keep Leo (and me!) out of the cold for as long as we can. We'll be there from Tuesday until January. (No. I'm not kidding.)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Four Months

Leo had his four month check up on Thursday. He's up to 13 pounds 4 ounces (17th percentile) and is 24 3/4 inches long (42nd percentile). The doctor told us to start giving him rice cereal since he spits up about half of everything he eats. He really, really likes it until he doesn't. (What I mean by that is that he just devours every spoon full as fast as I can get it to his mouth and then all of a sudden he's done and he wants it as far away from him as it can possibly be. Hence the screaming face in the picture below.)

Also, the other day I was trying to look through the mail and Leo kept grabbing it. I gave him a page of the adds to keep him occupied and when I looked down a few minutes later this is what I saw. (If you blow it up you can see a little black mustache. Sick, huh?)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Catch Up

Sorry in advance. This is going to be really long and mostly pictures. There's a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to blog about and just haven't gotten around to it. Here goes!


Leo has been such a stinker about going to sleep lately. He absolutely refuses to take a nap and just runs a hundred miles an hour until he is so cranky he can't stand it. Then we can usually trick him into falling asleep for a little while.

Last Sunday he kept falling asleep and then waking up as soon as I set him down. I finally laid down with him and just rolled him off of me once he was out. Then he slept so long we had to wake him up so he wouldn't be up all night.

He falls asleep on Ty a lot. Probably because Ty just lets him cry himself out.

This one was taken at about 10:30 at night, which is way past Leo's bedtime. We went through our whole bed time routine and Leo just wasn't going for it. Little stinker!


Lately Leo just can't get enough of looking at his hands. Half the time he looks like he's trying to fight you. He's getting pretty good at picking stuff up and, of course, puts everything he can get a hold of into his mouth.


Last night we had stuffed pumpkin for dinner and we let Leo feel the guts before we threw them out. He actually seemed to think they were pretty cool. And he thinks pumpkin seeds are pretty tasty too. (Don't worry Raygon, we only gave him a little taste!)

Big Nerd:

I don't remember when this was, a few weeks ago maybe? Ty got Leo dressed and he put him in these newborn pajamas that he's never worn before. They were way too small and Leo ended up looking like a little cheerleader. (Short shorts, bare midriff, writing on the buns. . .) And of course we didn't take him out of it. We just spent all afternoon laughing at him. (I know, we're mean.)


Do you remember these babies? I used to love taking them in my lunch. I decided it would be a good idea to turn them into these:
Looks good, huh? It really isn't. I mean, they tasted okay, but they were a little too dry for my taste. They did however, end up tasting slightly salty. Unexpected, but not a bad combo. Next time I'll just use more oil or something.

So I washed the lion costume (According to the manufacturers instructions) and Lion's mane turned into an afro. Interesting fashion statement Lion. Very interesting.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Remember TasteSpotting that I blogged about a few posts back? Well now I'm even more in love with it because it led me to this:

I know it doesn't look like much, but it is pure mango, chicken, rice deliciousness! It's filled with good stuff like onions, cilantro and lime which gives it a homemade salsa flavor. Yummy! And it was so easy. (If you want the actual recipe you can find it here. I'm too lazy to type it out right now.) Thank you We Heart Food for making all of my (mango, chicken, rice) dreams come true!

I have some Leo updates too, but I'm on the laptop right now and don't have access to my pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It snowed last night. I feel a little like the world is mourning right along with me. (Am I being overly dramatic?) It probably just snowed because it's November and we live by a giant mountain.

President-Elect Obama

I decided this morning that, since Obama is going to be the leader of our country for at least the next four years, I should probably try and find something that I like about him. (Thus far my opinions of him have run along the lines of "condescending," "arrogant," "dishonest," "pure evil," etc.) I thought I would start out by watching his acceptance speech and see if he said anything that inspired me. About 37 seconds into it I started crying and by second 42 I couldn't take any more and had to shut it off. Maybe tomorrow, huh?