Thursday, February 20, 2014

President's Day

On President's Day we went up to Farmington to hang out with Dan and Krystal.
Dan's theater was showing The Jungle Book, so we took advantage.
They also have a little ice skating rink.
Leo had been "practicing" his ice skating on the icy patch in front of our condo and he was pretty excited to try it out for real.

Jay had to be coerced, and even then he only lasted about 5 minutes.

Jaxon was loving the sunshine!
(And the constant holding.)

And Leo and Jay were fascinated with the dancing fountain (Bellagio style).

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I let the boys decorate sugar cookies.
(They were store bought and over cooked, but they still had fun with it.)

Jay frosted 2 cookies, ate one, and then wandered off.

Leo stuck around quite a bit longer and was pretty pleased with the results.
(But not so much with the taste. I think he only took one bite.)

Jaxon sat on the table and tried to get the crabby patties.

And most of these babies (and all of the leftover crabby patties) were thrown in the garbage 2 days later.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well, we made it to Utah.
Even though Leo spent the entire night before we left throwing up, it was a relatively easy trip.
And Leo didn't even throw up again until we got to the hotel for the night.
Of course, when we got to our apartment we found out that the heat had been turned off.
And, of course, there was no way to get it back on until the next day.
It was freezing!
And all of our blankets were in the very front of the moving van where we couldn't get to them.

 Here's Leo trying to stay warm:
 (We could not convince them to keep their shoes on.)

We ended up using my hair dryer to heat one of the rooms.
(It was actually really effective.)

And yes, that is my boys eating chicken nuggets off of the microwave tray.

Any how, we got the heat turned on the next day and it's been pretty nice since then.
I've even gotten most of our stuff put away.

Leo was really excited to get his costumes back,
and Jay decided that the best costume was Superman boots,
underwear, and a cowboy hat.

Jaxon seems to spend a lot of his time as a little face sticking out of a pile of blankets. He doesn't seem to mind too much as long as he gets held a lot.