Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Outing

Today we took a little field trip to Bass Pro Shop. (because it's a cool place to go.)
Jay Alvin fell asleep on the way there. (Mid-chicken nugget, as is evidenced by the crumbs on his face and clothes.)

Leo thought it was way cool to jump over the seats and had to be let out the back way.

Here's Griffin getting ready to head out.

We saw the giant fish in the fish tank.

And we rode the elevator up the side of the waterfall.

You can see the back of the fish tank from inside of the elevator. It's pretty cool.

We got to feed the trout under the bridge.

The water is all churned up from the fish fighting over the food. They were jumping around like crazy!

Jay Alvin decided to put his feet up and chill for a while.

And then we let the kiddos ride on the quad for a little bit.

They had a blast! It was definitely worth the trip.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We found this Mickey Mouse costume lying around my parent's house.
Leo insisted on wearing it around all afternoon.

We bought a Groupon to AquaTots swim school for the boys. And then we dressed them in Speedo's for all four lessons. ('Cause we're mean like that.) 

Aren't they cute?
We were all really, really sick about a week ago. Poor little Jay Alvin zonked out on the couch one night because we were taking too long to get him to his bed.
Aren't those eyes sad?
Leo has finally reached the stage where he begs to have his picture taken. (Doesn't that usually happen earlier?) He's also become quite a little poser.

Some of his other favorites are:
*swimming (even in the ice-cold pool)
*being outside
*eating (especially sweet stuff)
he says, "mommy, my hongee" (I'm hungry) all the time
*playing with his cousins, especially Meghan

*helping grandpa mow the lawn

*playing with Jay Alvin
*causing trouble in any way he can

Jay Alvin had his first encounter with Recess Peanut Butter Cups.
He loved it.
I'm pretty sure he ate them both in one bite.
(I thought he had thrown it on the ground because it was gone so fast.)

In fact, he's started eating pretty much everything in one bite these days.
Like apple slices.

I just can't help myself. . .

Jay Alvin is turning into quite a vocal little boy. He knows what he wants and if you don't give it to him you'll get an ear full. Most of the time what he wants is to be outside. (And you have to go with him.) This morning grandpa was outside mowing the lawn and I let Leo out to "help." I was holding the door open for Jay Alvin to follow, but he was so busy staring longingly out the window that he didn't notice. 
He's just tall enough to see over the sill.

 This is what he was looking at:
*He did eventually go outside and had a great time helping grandpa "give the grass a hair cut."