Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last night we took Leo to the movies for the first time ever. He did so good and we had a lot of fun. We even got to leave Jay behind. We saw Toy Story 3 and loved it. 
(We were a little late so we didn't get to take a picture with the lights on.)

Ty's sister Krystal watched Jay Alvin for us while we were at the movie. We we got home I found these:
hidden around the house. Most of you know I'm terrified of spiders. I hate them more than anything, but I've really been trying not to pass my phobia on to my boys. I really try not to freak out in front of them when I see a spider, but there have been a few times when Leo's seen me screaming about one. This morning as I was getting out of the shower I could hear Leo saying, "Bug, mom. Bug." I thought he was talking about a fly or something so I just kept saying, "Oh yeah? Cool." When I got out of the bathroom he was staring at the plastic spider that was down between the stove and the heater. I pulled it out, told him it was just pretend and tried to get him to touch it. Yeah right. He wasn't having anything to do with that. So then I threw the spiders over toward Jay Alvin so Leo could watch Jay get them and see that it was okay. As soon as Jay started moving towards them Leo yelled, "Baby, stop! Don't! Spiders!" And ran over to protect his brother.
It took all morning, but he did eventually pick one up.
But he still keep his distance from them when he sees one.
After the movie we came home and had Leo try on his Buzz Lightyear costume. (Aunt Krystal brought it up from Arizona.) I thought he was going to be so excited about it. Especially since we had just seen the movie. He was not. I had to force his limp body into the costume and then he lay on the kitchen floor like this:
for a good three or four minutes. So I thought maybe he would be excited once he saw himself looking like Buzz. Into the bathroom we went. Again he was limp as a noodle and he refused to open his eyes and look in the mirror. Finally we just left him on the bathroom floor. A few minutes later he came out in full Buzz mode.
He kept showing me his wings and saying, "Look, mom. Fly." And then, of course, he didn't want to get out of the costume to go to sleep.
(Thanks for letting us use the costume Julie!)
Lately Leo has decided that he needs a bottle. (Which is doubly aggravating because he refused to take a bottle as a baby.) Since we generally take them away from him when we catch him, he's started hiding them around the house. 

It's sweater-vest season.
I'm lovin' it!
(P.S. Now that Jay Alvin can crawl he thinks he's big enough to do things like stand at the piano. He's going to be climbing things in no time.)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Jay Alvin
This boy is growing faster than we can track. Every day he's doing something new. He just started crawling and he is into everything. He doesn't like you to see him crawling though. Whenever we leave the room he'll start moving towards wherever we are, but as soon as we come and look at him he collapses on the ground and starts whining like, "It's too hard. I just can't make it." Also, any time we try and get pictures or video of him crawling he acts like it's really hard for him. He goes really slow and sits down every couple of inches. If there's something he wants, however, he can move lightning fast. And, even though he's only been crawling for about a week, he is dying to walk. He is constantly trying to pull himself up on whatever is available. It's so much fun having a mobile boy, but I don't love that he can get whatever he wants now. Every time I come back into a room I have to check his mouth to make sure he's not eating something he shouldn't. It's a lot harder to keep small things off the ground with Leo around. He doesn't seem to get the idea of choking to death. And speaking of Leo, Jay Alvin just loves him to death. He thinks Leo is so funny and loves to be doing whatever his big brother is doing. I can't wait until he's a little older and they can actually play together. So fun.

This boy is becoming quite the little helper. He especially loves to help me in the kitchen. Even though it makes a huge mess and takes twice as long to make anything with his help, I'm trying to remember that one day soon he won't want to help any more and I'll wish he would. (He's already starting to tell me "stop mom" when I sing to him or play with him when he doesn't want me to.) Leo is talking more and more every day. I'm constantly surprised by the things that come out of his mouth. He loves Jay Alvin and is constantly telling me what "my baby" is up to. The other day, after Ty had called Jay Alvin a stinker son, Leo said, "Mom, the baby is a stinker son." I guess we're going to have to watch what we say a little more closely. Leo still loves to play outside and runs everywhere he goes. Hopefully he'll keep that up so he can be a big-time track star and get a scholarship to the college of his choice. (No harm in planning ahead, right?) He loves trains, trucks, planes and tractors of any kind. There's a little train that you can ride around the Provo mall and Leo loves to watch it go by. In fact, the train conductor recognized him because he gets so excited and bought him some cotton candy the last time we were there. 

Me and Ty
I spend most of my time doing "mom" things like cleaning, entertaining boys and cooking. We're trying to take advantage of the last little bits of warm weather so we've been spending more time than usual outside. I also started taking advantage of the library again so I've been reading two or three books at a time for the last few weeks.
Ty joined the National Guard. So far he hasn't had to do much with that, but he's still going to BYU and will finish his last class in December.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Today I

*Washed and folded two loads of laundry.
*Cleaned the connections on our car battery (again) so we could get the car to start just one or two more times.
*Entertained 2 kids at the mall for over an hour while Ty got his eye exam.
*Cleaned poop out of two outfits.
*Played FrontierVille 3 times.
*Made a batch and a half of Greek Yogurt.
(Homemade is way better and way cheaper than store bought.)
*Ate cotton candy that a random stranger bought for my boys.
*Made lunch and dinner.
*Put boys down for naps.
*Checked blogs.
*Washed dishes.
(Don't worry. There are still plenty more to be washed.)
*Met a girl that (maybe) worked at the US Embassy in Israel at the same time as Ty.
*Spent more money than I should have buying skin care products from previously mentioned Israeli girl.
*Watched Dumbo four times in a row without stopping at Leo's request.
("Mommy, I watch effant?")
*Changed the sheets on Leo's bed.
*Spent approximately 20 minutes feeling like I hadn't done anything today and trying to figure out how to manage my time more wisely.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Enlistment #2

This took place this morning:

I enlisted in the Utah National Guard, I will be 35L counter-intelligence agent. It was a 3 year commitment. I hope to eventually go to the Defense language Institute for Arabic, but that isn't a for sure thing, yet.

They weren't in the video, but Leo and Jay Alvin were there and were well behaved for the several hours that we were there. Kristen did the filming.