Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gilroy Gardens

There's a little amusement park about an hour from where we live.
It's geared towards little kids and it was absolutely perfect for us.
We went there on a whim and had so. much. fun.
It was seriously a blast.
Even Jay loved it.

It's hard to take a picture of a spinning ride.
(It's garden themed so a lot of the rides were food.)

This is a very excited Leo waiting for our turn on the tram ride.
He was pumped.

Until he found out how slow the tram moved.
Then it wasn't quite so exciting.

And Jay was very sad that he wasn't tall enough to ride the tram with us.

Look, it's a Redwood tree!

Jay was so excited to be able to drive his very own car.
(Lately he's very into driving.
He thinks the Prius is his, and gets pretty darn angry when we make him ride in his car seat.)

There he is, driving like a pro.

Leo took his driving very seriously.

He didn't even lose focus when I was screaming that he was going to run into another car.

They had this awesome rock maze that the boys loved.

The walls were tall enough that you could actually get turned around in there.

And, of course, they loved the train.

We rode on it three times.
Then Leo told me that he wished he was getting a train for his birthday.
(He's not.)

These boys got pretty tired by the end of the day.

Even a ride on an artichoke wasn't enough to excite them.

Here are all three boys waiting in line for the boat ride.

(Those are the boats.)

Once Jay realized that he could take off  his Velcro seat belt he didn't see much point in keeping it on.

They even had these amazing swan paddle boats that we didn't ride on because the line was too long.

And these bushes that were shaped like animals.
(Leo kept saying, "Where is the animal mom? I still don't see it.")

And Jay slept the whole way home.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

For the last week or so we've woken up to the following:

Jay in his empty bed.
No pillow/blanket/toys.

Leo's bed with 2 pillows, both blankets,
all the toys and no Leo.

Leo on the floor by our bed.


About two weeks ago Ty was in a car accident.
It was the other guy's fault,
and no one was hurt,
but our poor little Honda was totaled.

Of course this happened on the very last day before Ty switched over to his motorcycle.
I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose so that I still wouldn't have a car to drive.

The Honda was actually Ty's very first car, so he was a little bummed about getting rid of it.

But so far we've been really happy with our new (to us) Prius.
(Isn't it cute?)


A few nights ago I was trying to get a picture of how dirty Jay's face was. (Lately every time he goes outside he comes back in with the filthiest face. It's like he drools all over himself and then rubs dirt everywhere. It's crazy!) He thought he was being so funny by not holding still for me.

And Leo is at that stage where he loves to have his picture taken. He kept saying, "You can't take a picture of me either." And then he would hold perfectly still while I took one.