Thursday, September 12, 2013

Leo is loving babies right now.
Every time he holds his new cousin Liam he says things like,
"He really likes me mom."
"He thinks I'm a good bed." (Any time Liam is sleeping.)
or, "He has such tiny ears, feet, eyes, hands, etc.)

After the last time we saw Liam, Leo asked me why he isn't allowed to hold babies while he's standing up.
He said, "I know I can do it mom, if you just let me. Plus, I need to practice so I can hold baby Jaxon while we get the candy on Halloween. I can hold my bag in my hand and baby Jaxon in my arms."

Uh, let me think about that one.
Not happening.

Now that Leo is in school Jay has decided that he quite likes being the only child. While Leo is gone Jay is happy and mostly well behaved. When Leo comes home Jay turns into a contentious little monster. There is nothing in the world that makes him madder than Leo interrupting him. He seriously loses his mind. I'm a little worried about how he's going to react to being displaced by a newborn. 
He did, however, mention Jaxon by name last Sunday. It was the first and only time it's ever happened, but at least I know that Jay knows what's going on.

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of School

Leo was so excited (and just a little nervous) to start school.

He wasn't sure about riding the bus by himself, but he did great.
(It helped that the little girl down the street is in his class and she had two older brothers there to help her get where she needed to be.)

After nearly a month Leo is still liking school. He comes home every day and says he had fun, but every morning when he wakes up he tries to get out of having to go again. 

His main complain?
"It's so hot and I get so sweaty!"
Sometimes we forget that our kids have not been raised in this heat.

And Jay seems to be enjoying his Leo-free time.
He spends most mornings like this:

Yeah, I know I'm Super Mom.

Cute Boys Being Silly

Poor Jaxon is already being neglected. 
I guess being pregnant the 3rd time is just not as exciting as being pregnant the first time.
I finally got around to taking belly pictures.
(33 weeks later.)

And here are a few that other people took several weeks ago: