Thursday, September 4, 2014

He's Walking!

Jaxon decided today that he was ready to walk.
He let go of the chair he was holding and took 9 steps,
then stood there for a minute, turned around
and sat on the ground. 
And then he did it over and over again.
What a stinker!
(I say that because, up until now, if we so much as tried to let go of his hands
 he would just plop right down to the ground.
He refused to even try to walk on his own.)

Also, having brothers is hard and makes things more difficult.

And here's a bonus video of Jaxon trying to climb the ladder on the bunk bed:

Leo started 1st grade (nearly 3 weeks ago)!

So far he really seems to like it.
Except every time I ask him about his day he says,
"We did a lot of work. That's all
we do at this school:
just work, work, work."

He's learning Arabic, which is very exciting for Ty.
Just this week Ty came home and 
asked Leo a question in Arabic.
When Leo responded the right way I thought Ty might
pee his pants with happiness.

It's our first year dealing with school uniforms.
After the initial struggle we had to get the right stuff
it's been pretty good. 
It's definitely easy getting Leo ready in the morning,
but he hates that he has to change clothes ever day
when he gets home.
One of the options for the uniform is a white, button-up shirt.
I initially bought just one
because they have to wear them when they go on field trips
but I thought Leo would prefer the polos.
He ended up choosing it any time it was available.
I asked him why and he said,
"Well, mom, I really like science
and scientists always wear white shirts."
There's no arguing with that, so I bought 
him another one.