Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday.
And since I believe that a girl's first 29th birthday is extra special,
this is going to be a really long post.
You have been warned.

We started out the festivities with a movie and ice cream (no kiddos allowed) on Friday.
But the real fun happened on Saturday.
Remember this party that I didn't take my camera to?
Well, they had another one.
And I took my camera this time.

There was pony riding:
 (Jay did not want to get on.
When it was over we asked if he had fun.
His response?

 (Leo liked it.)

Free Jamba Juice:
 (We might have gone back for thirds.)

A bounce house obstacle course:
 (Leo did this over and over again while Jay sat on the ground drinking Jamba Juice.)


A petting zoo:
 with Jay-sized rabbits

 baby goats

 and baby rabbits
(which were, by far, the favorite)

Jay could not get enough of that baby rabbit.

 He would have sat here all day if we let him.

 In fact, once we left he cried "wabeet, wabeet!"
the whole way home.

And snow cones:
(If you blow that up you can see that he's lapping it up like a little dog.
It was pretty darn cute.)

Any how, we told Leo that the party was for my birthday,
(It was a child-safety fair.)
Because he was really, super concerned that I wasn't having a party.
Now the bad thing is that he is going to be disappointed by his own birthday party regardless of what we do.

Any how,
Sunday was full of relaxing and eating good food.
I made enchiladas.
(They were delicious!)

And this cake.
 If you like cake/have taste buds you should definitely try it.
It has mandarin oranges in the cake so it's extra moist and fluffy.
And I'm pretty sure the frosting is what angels use for pillows.
It's amazing.
The girl I got the recipe from called it "Mandarin Orange Cake"
but when I put it in my recipe book I re-titled it
"Heavenly Cream Cloud of Dreamy Fluffiness."
Seriously, make it now.
You won't regret it.

These boys approved of the cake.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The Easter Bunny came to our house on Saturday this year.
Mostly because we're cool and he likes us better than you.
But also a little bit because I feel bad when the candy and games overshadow
the whole Resurrection aspect of it.

He left the boys very small baskets
that they were very excited about.

(Jay's trying to figure out if he can eat that.
He can't.)

In typical fashion Jay immediately sat down and devoured all his candy.
(That's 12 pieces of bubble gum so it actually took him all day to get through it.)

And Leo saved his.
(But he ended up sharing the rest of it with Jay on Sunday.
Mostly to keep Jay from screaming "CANDY!" all day.)

And this is the only picture I got of their "Easter outfits."
(I could have sworn we had some sort of pastel shirts, but we did not.
They ended up in red, which was pretty cute too.)

The end.