Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I got these in the mail today:

I am so, stinking excited about them.
I wish it was October already
so our poor little boy could be a big nerd.
He's going to be adorable.
I can already tell.

Pat's Run

I forgot to blog about Pat's Run in April.
Ty and Leo both ran.
Ty was done before we got down there with the camera, but Leo did a great job in the kid's run.
(Even though he was a little disappointed that we had to leave behind the bounce houses in order to participate.)

If you ask Leo what his favorite part was, he'll tell you it was the train ride over there.
Hooray for the light rail.
Leo and Jay have decided that going to bed at 7:30 is way too lame for them. Now when we put them in bed they just play for literally hours and hours. Last night it was after 10 when they fell asleep. And that leads to mid-afternoon scenes like these:

And scenes like those lead to too much energy at bedtime.
Which leads to hours and hours of playing.