Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Big Boy

I cannot believe how much Leo has grown in just five months! The first picture was taken when we brought him home from the hospital. People always say that he's so small, but he seems huge to us. I guess it's a matter of perspective.

Fun in AZ

I promised myself that I was going to keep up on the blog while I was down here, and so far its been a complete bust. I'm going to try and be better from here on out. Here's what's happened so far. We drove down on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and Leo was a real trooper. We were worried that he would get tired of being in the car seat, but he just spent a lot of time sleeping and was surprisingly happy. Of course, now that we're here he won't let me leave him in his seat for more than twenty minutes without freaking out. I think he's afraid that I'll leave him in there for twelve hours again. Hopefully he forgets in the next few weeks so we can get him back to Utah.
We had Thanksgiving dinner with Ty's extended family out in Tonopah. It was a lot of fun and the food was delicious. (Of course.) Then we had pie later that night with my family. I ate way too much, as usual, but it was worth it. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it made me very happy that we chose to come down.
Ty had to go back to Utah a few days after Thanksgiving to finish up school. He had his last class today and just has to worry about finals now. We're excited that he'll be back down in a week. I've been keeping busy with several different projects. (I'll post pictures when they're done.) So far I've made two quilt tops, I'm half way through a Christmas tree skirt, and I've mended and hemmed several things. We also got the house all decorated for Christmas and threw a post-choir-concert  party for my nephews. It was a lot of fun and is really helping me survive sans husband.
Leo has started eating solid foods on a more regular basis and he loves it! Especially now that we have a high chair for him to sit in.
He is such a good eater and has yet to turn his nose up at anything I've offered him. Usually he gives me a "what the crap" look when I give him the first bite of something new, but then he just goes with it. He's pretty laid back, which is nice. The only problem is that he can't (or won't) stay sitting upright while he eats. And if I try and take a break to straighten him out he freaks.
He also got introduced to the exersaucer and he's in heaven. The king of his own little toy-filled domain. We're going to have to invest in one of these!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuna Surprise

Now that Kristen has left me for the warmer climes of Arizona I find that I must fend for myself. Since I have run out of money to go out to eat, I decided to cook up some tuna helper. Behold, attempt #1!

So what I was supposed to do was boil the water in the pot and pour it in the glass dish, then bake it for 35 minutes. What I did instead was light the incorrect burner underneath the glass dish. Then I sat there wondering why the water wasn't boiling until the glass shattered.

I was able to make something edible on the second try, but I don't know how I'm going to make it until Kristen is taking care of me again. Why, oh why did she have to leave me. :-(