Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jay's Birthday

Jay Alvin finally turned 4 yesterday. 
I say "finally" because I've been saying he's 4 for about 3 months.
Every time I do Leo says, in a totally confused voice, "Jay's not 4. He's 3."
Any how, in true Reber fashion we started the birthday torture several days early.
We decorated on Wednesday.

And we had the presents wrapped and sitting out by Thursday.

On Saturday we went to Kangaroo Zoo in the morning.
The boys had so much fun!

Except for Jaxon. He was pretty unimpressed.

After a lunch of delicious Mongolian grill we headed to the Gem and Mineral show.
(It was actually way cooler than you're thinking.)
The boys were especially impressed by the shark teeth and fossils,
but they liked the glow-in-the-dark rocks and the
run-of-the-mill rocks too.

And Jaxon enjoyed a nap.

We finished up our birthday celebrations on Sunday with Aunt Krystal and Uncle Dan.
Jay got tons of awesome presents.

 (He loves ketchup, and would probably drink it if I let him.)

And we ate delicious cake.

Happy Birthday Jay!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Things - Jaxon Edition

We traded in the baby swing for a jumper.
Jaxon loves it!

He still doesn't really jump much,
but he loves being able to stand and move around on his own.
In fact, he usually just spins around in circles.

He's also started chewing on his bottom lip.
He pretty much looks like this all the time these days.
(P.S. Aren't those cheeks delicious?)

He's been putting everything in his mouth.
(Or at least he's tried to. His aim is still not that great.)

And tummy time is much more enjoyable these days.

And finally, he started holding a bottle.
(Which only lasts for a few minutes, but is nice any way.)

New Things - Jay Alvin Edition

Jay is not doing much of anything new. He both loves and hates that Leo is in half-day kindergarten. He loves that he has Leo around to entertain him, but he hates that Leo is always around.
They basically fight all. the. time.
I love it.
It's been warm enough to play outside for several weeks so Jay has been taking advantage of the playground and riding his bike all over the place.

He also loves to harass/hang out with Jaxon.

And we sometimes have to come up with creative ways to keep ourselves entertained.

New Things - Leo Edition

Leo has discovered tree climbing.
And there's a perfect little climbing tree right in our front yard.

He climbs this tree several times a day.

And he's only needed help getting down one time.
(And it was his first time.)

He's full of helpful, tree-climbing advice like,
"Mom, some branches are big enough to climb on and some branches will break if you step on them."

Monday, March 3, 2014


Last weekend we went tubing at Soldier Hollow.
It was built for the Olympics and it basically rocks. 
The tubing hill is 1,200 feet long.

Jaxon wasn't that impressed.

The very best part?
There's a ski lift contraption that hauls you up the hill.

And I definitely forgot to bring Leo's coat.
(Good thing it was a warm day!)

Here's a funny story:
We called on Monday to make reservations.
We showed up Saturday morning only to be told that we couldn't go tubing then because there was a private party going on.
"Well," I asked, "Why did they sell us tickets for right now if we can't go?"
So they ended up asking the people who had reserved the place if they minded us joining them.
They didn't, so we did.
And also, we ate their donuts.
(Don't judge. They had a ridiculous amount of donuts.)
And as an interesting aside:
We ended up being double charged.
(Once on Monday when I made reservations and again on Saturday.)
I contacted them about the double charge and they corrected it right away. . .
and then immediately charged us again.
So we're still waiting on a refund.
Also, Jay peed his pants.
The end.

About a week ago I ordered some prints to update my photo collage.
I found this one of Leo and Jaxon and I knew it had to be included.
I mean, look at Leo's face.
That's a boy that loves his brother.

Then I found this one:

It's basically the exact same picture, but with a pumpkin instead of a Jaxon.

Accident Prone

Leo had a little bit of an accident with his friend Blaine last week.
Apparently the boys were being chased by another kid while they rode their scooters.
In his haste to get away Leo made a sharp turn and ran his face into Blaine's face, and then into the sidewalk.
Fun times.

Also, isn't Jaxon's face hilarious in this picture?

It's the camera flash.
It really freaks him out.